Get creative with our vinyl colour range

with well over 50 colours to choose from let's dream BIG.

Did we mention we can also use coloured real leather?



Explore our huge range of light weight ply.
This bepsoke range gives North West Dubs the edge when chosing who to convert your camper van.
Once we have nailed you camper van conversion render we can choose from the below selection (over 250) to build your totally custom camper van!

Please click the view button on each product type to see the extensive range on offer.


Solid Colour range

With 93 solid colour variations NWD can create the most intricate and vibrant installs into your camper van. We you imagination run wild with these beautiful colour ranges!

Wood Grain range

We have 112 wood grain finishes for our kitchen units and solid surfaces. The tactile quality of these laminates give a lifelike effect to the eye and touch.



Metal Finish range

These metal laminates are brilliant for use on your window surrounds and work surfaces. Give some real pizzazz to your camper with faux rust!



Stone range

Like the idea of having some marble or granite inside you camper van? When weight is an issue this is the solution for you. Once heat pressed to the light weight ply and edge banded it give a wonderful sophisticated aesthetic.

Linen Effect range

Think outside the box with our linen and leather range. Insipred by these? Then get in touch and let's start designing together today!